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Commercial Insurance

Commercial property insurance is one of the most important investments you can make to ensure the future of your business. Commercial property insurance protects your business against physical damage to buildings and their contents. In the case of catastrophes like fire, explosion, theft, or vandalism, commercial property insurance helps cover your costs—whether it’s to repair damaged property or to replace what you’ve lost.

Commercial General Liability insurance provides coverage if your business is sued for damages or injury occurring at your location or caused in some way by an individual’s interaction with your business. It can even protect you if you are not at fault but are sued anyway.

You need Commercial Auto Insurance to cover the cars, trucks, and vans you use while conducting your business. Think of Nolan Insurance Agency as your business partner. We can help you get the business auto insurance coverage that fits your business needs. The fact is, that no matter where you plan to drive your business vehicles, when they’re driven on public roads they must be insured – it’s the law.

Whether your business is a sole-proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation, it is to your benefit to develop a working relationship with Nolan Insurance Agency because we are a reliable, competent agency that can explain coverage eligibility issues and present options based on the organization model of your business. We can also explain the benefits of employers liability coverage as part of your Workers Compensation program.

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